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Moscovia Dream

Moscovia Dream is the flight of imagination of MATEO’s designers, where the geometry of the Soviet Constructionism crosses the color flatness of the artists of the 60ies;
where, as avant-gardist Filonov said theres “a fight for space and time”;
where Velimir Khlebnikovs poetry beats the rhythm on Red Squares paving stones; where frosty morning is born together with the peal on Cathedral (Sobor) Square.

Its Moscow without bears, Matrioshka and Khokhloma. Its the city of our childhood, where light dizziness of Spasskaya Tower old walls greatness is replaced by the delight about New Year present… Its the city that we love!

The collection includes six plates (diameter 26 cm), one plate (diameter 25 cm), cup&saucer and a dish.

Materials and performance: faience, decals, hand painting.

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