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Sera-Irida Collection of crystal glasses is like rare gems of Bazhov’s “Malachite Casket” and ideal Stone Flower, carefully kept by the Hostess of the Copper Mountain.

A sextet of the sophisticated shades – carnelian, smoky, herbal, yellow topaz, lapis lazuli and lime. Ideal balance of proportions and European glassblowers’ skill – six glasses for red and white wine, as well as six water glasses.

Sera-Irida challenges the 21st century and pays tribute to traditions, because color crystal is hardly used now for creating glasses. The collection’s originality is hand casting and hand diamond cutting – a complicated technology, when in order to get the necessary shade they add metal oxides into the crystal, and manufacture process itself is being kept in secret.

Sera-Irida Collection is the adornment of your interior, a piece of art on your table, meeting all ergonomic requirements that let the bouquet of the refined wine be opened in full.

Materials and performance: crystal, hand casting, hand diamond cutting.


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