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In Italian “Sera” means evening, and evening is always anticipation; anticipation of a meeting, date, pleasure…
Sera’s dignity and originality is the fulfillment of all ergonomic requirements; this was repeatedly noticed by the leading sommeliers who give their attention the right wine and drinks serving.

Special tulip-like cup form and thin stem (hand length) will help you to enjoy the noble wine, because it will let the wine be opened maximally, and the finest hand-made clear crystal will underline the color of the drink, its viscosity and transparency; and for sparkling wines – effervescence, because the shades can tell about the aging of the wine. The experts say that the wine is being filled by oxygen in the cup and the constriction of the upper part helps aromas concentration. This will let you feel the depth and durability of the bouquet.

The range also includes champagne bowl, as well as water and brandy glasses.

Sera Collection is the accomplished baguette, a worthy framing for red and white wine, for sparkling champagne and vintage brandy As they say The Retinue plays the King"

Materials and performance: crystal, hand casting, hand diamond cutting.








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