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City motifs by MATEO


At MAISON&OBJET trade show MATEO, a Russian manufacturer of designer china and crystal tableware, has presented its new collection. The City has become the main theme of the collection and of the booth design this year.

Urban motifs have always been on the brand designers minds and found their way onto the items decor: streets, parks, trees, people It takes a peek through a window to see how the city dwellers live, what they eat and drink from.

Specially for the show MATEO designers have developed a collection of crystal glasses and serving items as well as china plates. Among the items presented at the trade show are: Sera- Irida wine glasses and champagne coupes, Peg-Top sugar bowl, City china plates set, Scacchi crystal glasses set.

The company keeps up the tradition of Russian crystal and china production. However its designers explore the conventional motifs from a new angle, by giving them a utilitarian dimension. Each MATEO item is a unique object that combines original design with usability. Everything is thought through in detail: the colour, the shape, the material.

Sera-Irida wine glasses and champagne coupes The new Sera-Irida line consists of coloured crystal glasses and champagne coupes. Six complex shades (carnelian, smoky, grass, yellow topaz, lazurite and lime) and the unique diamond faceting turn a glass into a gem of the dinner table.

Peg-top sugar bowl Unique crystal Peg-top sugar bowl illustrates the way to combine usability and aesthetics in a dinner table decorative item. This items is marked by a style that is not typical for the brand. Perfectly measured proportions, unusual design and a bit of humour.

City Plates Delicate plates of fine bone china featuring urbanist motifs. The design of the plate is lightweight and unimposing - all decor is located on the rim and uses a muted colour palette. The plates can be used in various styles of dinner table serving.

Scacchi crystalware A reserved masculine collection that features high ball glasses and shots as well as an ice bowl and a fruit serving dish. Checked diamond faceting allows the beauty of crystal to be appreciated in full.

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